Named after Padme Amidala, the secret wife of Anakin, and Luke Skywalker’s mother. Appropriate for a garment that plays a strong role in your Handmade Wardrobe and who can dress up or down, looking differently at your discretion! My next Padme will be made in a soft Minkee fabric for a winter robe, I have a feeling I’ll be making several for gifts combined with a soft self fabric sash!

And yes, I do wish my belly looked like that. 😉   To be honest, I don’t think my belly EVER looked like that. {sigh}

I love a kimono, don’t you? My list of must have’s was that it be easy to sew, versatile, and be able to be created by sewists at every skill level. Oh, and it had to look FAB! The hardest thing about Padme is deciding to make her long or short, and what fabric to use! Stick with me here and you’ll find a discount code at the bottom!

Kimono’s continue to be a strong fashion trend for Fall 2016 and you’ll see this hot style paired with everything from jeans to pencil skirts. I don’t think this fashion style is showing any sign of going away soon! Padme is definitely a style you can make your own and one that will receive lots of compliments every time you wear her!

Making Padme in a chiffon may add a bit more difficulty as a slippery fabric can be a little more difficult to control. In this case, remember that HAND BASTING IS YOUR FRIEND! Don’t be shy about threading up a needle and thread and placing a line of long basting stitches to add control and purpose wherever you need it! My black Padme was much easier to sew than the red skull chiffon version which was loosey goosey, slippery and cranky!



Padme Kimono Studio TKB

This version of the Padme Kimono is the shorter version, sewn in a sheer black chiffon. This fabric really behaved well, almost surprisingly so. The neckline was finished with a very simple double fold and a row of topstitching.

I love how Padme looks belted with the Obi Won Yogi belt! Of course I love this Obi belt with just about everything, it adds such a sophisticated touch without being too much of a good thing!

{Have you made your Obi Won Yogi Belt yet? It’s a free pattern you know!}

Obi Won Yogi Belt Studio TKB

This flirty version of Padme was sewn in a red skull print chiffon—– it’s so great! I found the fabric online at a super great price and couldn’t resist! Unfortunately it’s now out of stock but with Halloween coming up, you might find something equally fabulous and fun! I basted a line through all layers before I cut and immediately (and I mean right away) serge finished the edges. The black chiffon did not fray much at all but this red?????? Lordamercy, it was a trainwreck!

This fun version is about 3 inches shorter than the shortest version in the pattern with a slightly narrower cuff on the arms.

Pressing on ALL versions of the Padme is vital, don’t miss this crucial step! FIRST— test your iron on a scrap of fabric to see how much heat you can use, and how the fabric handles a good press. Show it who’s boss!


20% OFF!


One Week Only!


                                                           I like to think this is Padme, wearing the Padme.

                                                                               Sort of. You get my drift!

                                                                              I can’t wait to see YOURS!

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