There have been a few questions about Sizing for The Leia Tank—- and out of the freebie instructions, the Sizing Manifesto was MISSING!!!!   In order to attempt some clarity, I offer it here:

Sizing Manifesto:

Sizing is hard. It is also subjective………… it seems that every line of clothing whether me‐made or off the
rack is different. Factor in the fact that women generally don’t like to think of our bodies as a number in
a size range, always wishing it were smaller, bigger, taller, shorter. We can’t always be trusted to choose
the best size for ourselves, we could just possibly select a smaller size thinking that might fit, or go for a
larger size because our body image isn’t the best.
Let’s do a little reset, shall we?

The Galaxy Whisper Collection is primarily knitwear which allows a little breath of relief. Testers have
found the sizing to fall in the following range:
XS: 4‐6
S: 6‐8
M: 10‐12
L: 14‐16
XL: 16‐18
XXL: 18‐20

Having said that I believe that we also need to think of sewing our first pattern as a working toile, a
sample as it were. I do not personally, nor do I advocate using a fabulous piece of fabric as the first test
of ANY pattern. I watch for sales online and at my local fabric store and when things go on sale or I have
a great coupon I stock up on lightweight cottons and knits for my stash. They don’t have to be beautiful!
They just have to be of a good quality and if the final toile fits well and isn’t nasty ugly‐‐‐ so much the

Choose your pattern size based on where you believe you fall in the range when selecting knitwear.
Print out that pattern and tape it together.

Using a garment from your wardrobe that is similar, determine if it looks like it’s going to be a good fit.
Major fitting points are always the hip and bust. Think about whether you like a tighter garment or if
you’re someone who is more comfortable with a little bit of ease.

DON’T THINK ABOUT THE SIZE! If you’ve laid out a garment, say a tank top, and you think that you’d like
to go up a size, don’t get all crazypants if that pushes you into a size you wish you weren’t.
Nobody in the whole wide world knows what size you are!

A well fitting garment, no matter what the size will always be more flattering. Not too small, not too

Take back the power as a sewist to create garments that look AMAZING!

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The Leia Tank Freebie

I'm so excited for you to have The Leia Tank!

Leia’s Style? She’s LONGER (or can be) so that if you’re in yoga class you won’t peek that booty! She’s got a little shaping so she gives some coverage!! She is perfect for layering! The shoulders are just wide enough—- the neckline not too cleavage peekin’! Leia was born from the need to have a wardrobe of tanks that were easily changed up for whatever need you might have! Leia is awesome!


GO SEW!  :)

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