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Yes, this is a blog primarily focused on sewing…. but SO MANY OF YOU have asked me about my weight loss. Truly. And while it’s personal, it’s also a core issue for so many people so I finally decided to share my weight loss journey here, with the Sugar Shack.

The key is MY key, and I would never EVER presume to tell you what you should do, not do, over do or under do! Okay?

I tell everyone that I am a Lifetime Fat Girl. No shame, no blame, it is what it is. For 60 years I struggled with my weight. For many of those years I was just so dang mad at myself that I couldn’t control what I thought I should, and frankly I felt the judgment of many. Yes, we do this to ourselves but the struggle is REAL!!!!!

I finally got to the place where I was settled with it. I was a size 20/22, living in my ‘happy place’, trying to be the best me and in pretty good physical shape as I rode my bike almost daily and walked the dogs a mile a day. I sewed for myself and had found the best patterns to fit and flatter—- and for the most part it was all good. Cornbread and butter beans can be the secret to a good day and I embraced that!

It really was all good——–Until it wasn’t!

My turning point, the critical piece was  when my right knee went out. I’d been walking the dogs, no extra stress or strain and boom shakalaka, it just gave out. By the time I limped home I was in bad shape. Even “RICE” (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for a couple days did little to make it better. It was improved, and walkable….. but I knew that unless I did something drastic, I’d have limited mobility and face what should be happy final chapters feeling horrible. I limped, I looked like a hobbly old lady, in the grocery store I needed that cart like a stupid walker!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Not a great hair day! 🙂  With Nikki Dinki at the filming of her show “Junk Food Flip”, where I can be seen forever and ever amen stuffing my face and admitting my love for the more fatterning version of the sandwich tested. Of course! That windy afternoon photo was taken when I was about a month into my weight loss journey.

After facing the knee issue, and not wanting a replacement —- I knew it was now or never and that just because I wasn’t a 30 something any longer I couldn’t look better AND feel better.

You might be ready for the Cliff Notes, how it happened?

What I did:

  • November 2014 it began. (Thanksgiving was sorrowful for me that year!)
  • 1100 calories a day
  • Logging EVERY BITE (I use My Fitness Pal on my phone to log)
  • No diet cola
  • 60 grams of protein a day
  • Pilates on my reformer 6 days a week

NO, it wasn’t easy but for the first time in my life I stuck with it.

Well, sharing that was either ridiculously brave or outrageously stupid….. time will tell!

(Left) with Bobby and Jamie Deen at their Mom Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah. (Best fried green tomatoes on the planet!)

From November of 2014 to the present day it’s been one day at a time. I still log EVERY BITE that goes into my mouth and that means I’m honest with myself, even when I have to post 3 beers (not light) and an order of onion rings! EVERY. BITE. It keeps me honest. I get on the scale once a week and if that scale moves more than 5 pounds up, it’s protein shakes and vigilance.

I will NOT go back.

I have been a yogi for the past year along with Pilates and yoga has changed my life. WHO KNEW that yoga would shape a body in such a good way? I never practiced yoga before because it was just too hard at my size. Or I was embarrassed to go to yoga class…. or both to be absolutely honest with you.

I reached 100 pounds off just after Christmas of 2015 and today, 8 months later I’m settling into 115 pounds. I’m a size 8 in non vanity sizing and a 6 for those pricey labels that let you buy love!  😉 And really? It ain’t pretty naked. But I am in no danger of being seen in that state so it’s all good. Spandex is my friend and let me tell you Sugar, this is the Number One reason the Galaxy Whisper Collection launched with activewear—- great shapewear inspired clothing makes ya’ look great!!!!!!

Today it’s 1200 (ish) calories a day and if I have a weekend of beer and fried pickles (like last weekend, ahem) then I don’t follow my past and keep on going down the poor eating trail. I call it what it is and turn it around.

The hardest part is to figure out exactly what it takes to ‘stay’ at this weight. I haven’t figured that out yet and maybe I never will. It depends on so many factors including stress, activity level, and my mindset. What I know for sure is that I can’t eat like an 18 year old ever again. (I can’t do a lot of things like an 18 year old but I do consider myself wiser by far!!!)

Maybe that is the biggest change—– I used to hear that you should “watch thin people eat”, and I’ve taken notes. I try very hard to eat well. It ain’t perfect, it’s very real, it’s always ME…… but so far, so good.

The truth is that it truly is “calories in—– calories out”, and move move move!

There is NO AGE LIMIT on losing weight, looking good and even being a little sassy. (Not that I would know about that!)

Be HEALTHY, be present, consider your future health and do the dip dang best you can. Why did it take me a lifetime to lose the weight? I don’t know, and I wish I’d done it 40 years ago!!! 🙂  But I’m just glad that for me, for now, it is what it is.



Love you!

Mean it!

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