archer-1I crossed off of the things on my Must Make List recently, the wildly popular and classic Archer Button Up Shirt by Grainline Studio.

I’m funny about button front shirts, they need to have NO gapping, have a really nice ‘hang’ and have a feminine look vs. a purely menswear look. Archer fit that bill perfectly and was fun to sew. Will I make another? No…………….I’ll make MANY MORE! I have a black cotton print Archer Button Up Shirt on the short list, with the plain back option.





Sizing is my nemesis (and the trouble spot for many sewists). Because I had never sewn a Grainline Pattern I carefully measured. And hated it as always!!! From there, and knowing I liked an easy fit in a button front shirt, I cut a size 14.

I normally wear an 8 off the rack and a 6 in vanity sizing. As always I tell those who sew to ignore the numbers, there will be a far happier outcome at the end of all the work if you do! I’m 5’5″ on a tall day with a ‘normal’ arm length and since losing weight don’t require a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment).

I used the copy shop option which cost me about 8 dollars, & cut all pattern pieces exactly as printed, following the instructions as written to a T.

The instructions were so well written I had no trouble at all and feel that even a beginner sewist could give this shirt a run if they take their time and of course, Google or YouTube the bits they have trouble with.

The Archer Button Up Shirt has two options, a plain, classic back with a center pleat or a back without the pleat at the top ending in a fun little softly gathered but over the tuckus.

I chose what I call the duck butt option.  😉

EEEEEEEP—– I’ll happily show you the duck butt back if you ignore my hair!!!!! You’ve so sweetly ignored the squinting into the sun face, I’m sure you’ll extend a bit of grace here!!!  Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, do I need a haircut!!!

The back of this shirt is CUTE AS PIE!!!!  This view is easy as can be to sew and really makes a unique shirt.

What I will do differently in the next version of the Archer Button Up Shirt:

  • Cut a size 12
  • Sew the plain back version
  • Shorten the sleeves 1 1/2″ inches
  • Take an inch off the depth of the cuffs (narrower by an inch)

You have to admit, that’s a pretty short list off the things I’d change category!!!

The fabric for my next Archer has been purchased and pre-washed. It’s a black and white arrow print in 100% cotton and I haven’t decided whether I will use white or black buttons.



The Cliff Notes are short and sweet!  MAKE IT if you’re on the fence!  Make many!

  • Measure carefully for your size
  • Prewash your fabric
  • The copy shop version is great as this is a large pattern with a lot of pieces
  • Don’t forget to interface as directed
  • Practice your buttonholes before adding that row marching down the front

I bet you’ll love yours as much as I love mine! Yay for the Archer Button Up Shirt!


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