It’s LEGGINGS Season and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a great legging???

Studio TKB has TWO great leggings, Mara and Meetra, we’ll chat about Mara today!

Sewist and Instagrammer Chris looks GREAT in her Mara leggings! (above right)


MARA is easy, comfy and timeless! Leggings are a staple in every handmade wardrobe and these bring a little something extra to the party! With a higher, foldable waistline, Mara has the flexibility to workout with no booty peekin’, and when folded down the waistline gives subtle definition while remaining comfortable. Mara also thinks like shapewear! She’s meant to be tighter than the usual legging which allows you to look calm and collected!


Even if you are a beginning sewist, YOU CAN DO THIS!  Making something that is a classic buildable wardrobe piece gives everyone tons of confidence on just about every level

Mara Fabric Tips:

  • Go with a KNIT fabric that has a nice hand, not too flimsy, not too heavy. You will want your fabric to stretch at least 2″ inches. (If in doubt, lay your knit fabric down and stretch. If you can do this on a grid with measurements, it’s even easier.  How much stretch do you have?  Too much stretch and you’ll have leggings that might get baggy—- not enough stretch and you’ll either have to size up, or put ’em on with a jackhammer!  smiley
  • Pre-wash and machine dry your fabric. Super important to escape any surprises later!
  • Lay your fabric out using a patting motion. Align the selvedges carefully. Don’t overstretch. Unfortunately, some fabric is not cut very carefully so you can’t just assume you’re going to line up the cut edges and have it lay out perfectly. The top or bottom edges may have offset edges and won’t align. That’s why I always suggest that you purchase an extra quarter yard……….. just in case!
  • The easiest cutting for Mara will be using pattern weights and a sharp rotary cutter.




Make a pair of Mara Leggings right away!

Make her in classic colors & make a couple crazy pair!

Wear Mara to Yoga…..

Wear her everywhere!

Layer long tops over, cardigans, boyfriend style shirts……

just wear her!

I can’t wait to see YOUR Mara Leggings!

How about a little sewing incentive from Mara?

20% discount! Use the Code: MaraLeggingsForMe

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The Leia Tank Freebie

I'm so excited for you to have The Leia Tank!

Leia’s Style? She’s LONGER (or can be) so that if you’re in yoga class you won’t peek that booty! She’s got a little shaping so she gives some coverage!! She is perfect for layering! The shoulders are just wide enough—- the neckline not too cleavage peekin’! Leia was born from the need to have a wardrobe of tanks that were easily changed up for whatever need you might have! Leia is awesome!


GO SEW!  :)

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