As I settled in for a bit of sewing (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) after the Hurricane Matthew evacuation I knew one thing for sure. Two things if you counted how very, very much I NEEDED to sew for a bit! I knew that I was not leaving the house. For awhile anyway!

I’m finishing up prototypes for the new pattern, coming soon, and using an invisible zipper.

What I needed was a 7″ inch black zipper.

What I had was a 20″ blue zipper.

So, I hacked it!

bluedress yellowglasses divider

  • Measure down 7″ inches on the zipper tape after ironing flat.
  • Install the zipper in the usual fashion, stopping the stitching at the 7″ inch mark. (As if the zipper stop was finished/sitting on the 7″ line).
  • Stitch the rest of the seam below the zipper and stitch across the bottom of the zipper tape, below where you want your zip to end. REPEAT THE STITCHING, it needs to be secure.
  • Press the garment and from the right side, place a piece of waxed paper (or any scrap) under the zipper pull.
  • Transform with nail polish in your preferred shade. Let dry and give a second coat


my p.s. is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH does it feel good to be sewing again! My beloved Bernina missed me while I was gone and I’ve promised her that if I’m ever evacuated again— she’ll go with me! smiley


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