Oh Sugar!

I am ON BOARD the dang holiday train!

My gifts are planned, I’m hard at work on them and lordymama, I’m a MAKER!  I MAKE CHRISTMAS!

I thought you might like the occasional peek at what is happening around here as I get ready for holiday makery!

Holiday Makery

I’m going to start the series where I always start, in the PLANNING!

This year my planning journal features the names of my recipients, Supplies needed for each project, shipping details and plenty of room to jot notes.

With a pale pink background and vintage bits and pieces

the 2016 Holiday Planner is one I’ve already begun using, filling in with my loved ones names and jotting down the gifts I’ll give.

Now, this will change over the next couple of weeks, things crossed out and things added. I’m ridiculously excited to be Mrs. Claus for my loved ones!

I can’t wait! Let the Makery Begin!






If you”d like my gift of your own vintage inspired Holiday Planner Pages, please, I offer it freely to you with the only thing asked in return to see what YOU’RE going to be busy making this season!

Just right click on an image and save to your computer. You can print and write in your notes or save to your computer and open in a photo program of your choice!

Get to Makin’!

You may use only for your personal use and not create to sell or use in any way that’s likely to make Mrs. Claus mad.

Copyright Studio TKB 2016

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