Avedon is SO much more than a basic skirt pattern!

She is all that and then some! As you explore this pattern you’ll happily discover that you’ve gained confidence in your sewing and in yourself. You’ll move from one design element to another, learning not only how to do it but how to take that skill and replicate it in other patterns you own. Sewing isn’t hard and making a pattern that is truly your own in fit, style and spirit shouldn’t be either!

Whether you’re just learning to sew, have the basics down, or are an experienced sewist it is the aim of Avedon to give you that foundation piece in your handmade wardrobe that you can polish and perfect as well as use as the   canvas for a variety of finishes and mad hackery! All skill levels are able to create Avedon and she warmly embraces the beginning sewist. C’mon, don’t be afraid– we’ve got this!

You can stitch Avedon in a woven fabric or a knit, the possibilities are endless and as unique as you are, she’s a  pleasure to sew no matter what fabric you choose!

She’s an A-Line skirt that can sit at the waist, at the low waist, even at the hips a la 1960’s, you’ll also learn how to construct a classic waistband, insert pockets, color block, straighten the A Shape, even add other details.

Sizes 2-22 this digitally delivered file can be printed at home or at the copy shop.

The 26 page instructions are a primer in sewing the Avedon with a facing, a traditional waistband, mini, midi or maxi—- as well as in seam pockets, patch front pockets and various zipper configurations. You’ll discover helpful tips for color blocking, understitching, sewing on knits, fabric choices, buttons- snaps, hooks & eyes and grading seams.

This is gonna’ be FUN!