“Meetra”  is a pair of shapewear inspired, skirted leggings. SKIRTED LEGGINGS!  I know, they’re coming into vogue right now but I’ve been making them for years. They quite simply ROCK.

Polished, sensible and clever, they’re meant to be tight, holds you in and keeps you smooth! The skirt hides stuff you want hidden and looks fabulous doing it! Skirted Leggings? Really? Yes ma’am! They’re genius no matter how short or long you choose to make that flirty skirt. Best of all, they’re a buildable wardrobe piece! Meetra does it all, goes anywhere, layers with perfection and sews up lightning fast! No booty peekin’ with Meetra either, she stays in place as she works hard.

Worn with a bra top or with a chunky winter sweater and boots, you’ll LOVE Meetra and make a zillion with endless possibilities!