Don’t. Call. Me. Cute.

Please, just please.

Isn’t it true? What people say to us is filtered by our own dang ears….. we hear what we want to hear not necessarily what was meant in the first place! I’m not sure why this is but this post is just a reminder to us all that like it or not, it is what it is!

We’re Building Authentic Community here, let’s err on the side of caution shall we?

When you speak, know that what is heard may not be what you intended!

When someone says “you’re so cute” to me, it’s usually when they see a photo I’ve posted on social media. They aren’t being mean or nasty or anything other than absolute puredee kind by taking their valuable time to actually respond to a post and say, “YOU’RE SO CUTE!!!”

What I HEAR is “you are old and who do you think you are to try and pull off that outfit/ think you look nice/ be active on social media. What I hear are my own inner demons raising up and causing a ruckus.  They’re fools, I know they are and yet sometimes I don’t check their bad attitudes at the door and allow them to give me a moment of irritation.

Its MY BAGGAGE and I bet you have some too!

As we seek to Build Authentic Community we really and truly NEED to remember this simple thing. Take an extra second and say something that hopefully won’t be misconstrued by the recipient of our words.


  • Speak (comment) with intention
  • Consider the recipient
  • Be LOVE always!

Don’t Call me


Then the next thing we really need to remember comes when we READ someones comment or hear their words. Take that pause and remember that they don’t mean harm, they mean to be supportive and loving. They like you! They’re taking valuable time to tell you so!

Unpack some of those crazypants bags that get unpacked when we feel NOTICED!

  • Hear with ears of love
  • Give grace to someone you feel just might have spoken in haste
  • Smile & move on!

The next time I tell you that the color is fabulous, it doesn’t mean that I think the style is ugly or your workmanship is nasty. What I mean is that the color, is fabulous!

The next time you tell me I’m cute I will hear you say that I have great style for a woman of any age and not that I am silly!

Let’s continue to Build Authentic Community! It’s so important!

Tell me about YOUR baggage with the way you hear things! What else can we consider as we move even further into grace?

red lips



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